Pop Redemption

Directed by Martin Le Gall

Written by Mark Eacersall, Alexandre Astier, Martin Le Gall

Produced by Axel Guyot, Philippe Braunstein, Léonard Glowinski (22h22)

Fiction / Comédie Rock / 94 min.


Every year since they were teenagers, the Dead MaKabés engage in what they pompously call a “summer tour” - a few concerts in the most unlikely European festivals.
But as midlife crisis approaches, the four friends’ motivation weakens and this week of recreation might well be the last one.
Remaining true to your ideals can be hard when you’re in a black metal rock band…



35 mm Couleurs 1.85


Alex : Julien Doré

JP : Grégory Gadebois

Pascal : Jonathan Cohen

Erik : Yacine Belhousse

Martine : Audrey Fleurot

le Chef de la SR : Alexandre Astier

Julia : Délia Espinat-Dief

le Patron du Star Club : Arsène Mosca

Commandant Riquenbaquet : Christophe Kourotchkine

Yue-You : Evelyne Macko

Adjudant Meyer : Vincent Leenhardt

Gendarme Brian : Julien Renon

Ben : Steeve Petit


Image : Fred Nony

Editing : Christophe Pinel, Nicolas Lossec

Production design : Paul Chapelle

Sound : Thierry Lebon, Eddy Laurent, Lionel Guenoun

Music : Franck Lebon, Steeve Petit, Karim Attoumane

Costumes : Chattoune

Assistant director : Benjamin Blanc

Production manager : Laurent Lecetre


Festival International du Film d'Aubagne - Alcimé, France (2013)

Festival Cinéma d'Alès – Itinérances, France (2013)

Alpes d'Huez - Festival du film de comédie, France (2013)


Avalon - 22h22 - Gaumont - Jouror Distribution Centre National du Cinéma - Canal + - Ciné + - A+ Images Région Aquitaine - Région Midi Pyrénées - Département du Lot et Garonne

Latest news on this film

Pop Redemption tonight on TFX !

It has become some kind of summer ritual. Every july, POP REDEMPTION is broadcasted on one of the TNT channels. Tonight on TFX, at 20h50. Whether a black metal fan or a Beatlemaniac, POP REDEMPTION is for you, so hop on for a super friendly musical trip that doesn’t age.


Pop Redemption on free TV

First free TV broadcast for POP REDEMPTION (finally !), on Thursday 5 August 2021 at 9:15 pm on TMC.


Pop Redemption on Blow Up by Arte

Gather round Metalheads! POP REDEMPTION (feature film directed by Martin Le Gall) was mentioned on this week’s “Top 5” program on Arte YouTube channel: Blow Up. The episode was focused on Metal and Cinema. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZkENqRku1k




Julien Doré was an invisible Hellfest Guest

The news was revealed today in the french paper LE PARISIEN. But it was a fiercely kept secret for the POP REDEMPTION crew, which is now leaving Clisson gothic grounds for the more joyous colours of Aquitain, where the shooting is to be continued.

Directing the hell show is young filmmaker Martin Le Gall (JOGGING CATEGORY). Avalon, 22h22 and Gaumont produce together.



Casting is now over for our musical production POP REDEMPTION.

Julien Doré will be Alex, the charismatic leader of the Dead Makabees. The other musicians will be played by Grégory Gadebois, Yacine, and Jonathan Cohen.

Still to be found : the actress to play the part of Martine.