Modibo's woolly hat

Directed by Boubakar Diallo

Written by Boubakar Diallo

Produced by Philippe Braunstein, Boubakar Diallo, Axel Guyot

Comédie dramatique / Film africain / 89 min.


Modibo, a freshly retired civil servant, is approached to become the new chief in his childhood village and wear the traditional hat. However, he has other plans in mind and can't be bothered with dark and absurd traditions.
Will he face his inner demons and take on this role? Or will he leave his people in the hands of the mischievous characters who are fighting for the throne?



HD Couleurs scope


Image : Tibiri Koura

Production design : Issoufou Souabo

Music : Constant Habib Soubeiga

Assistant director : Charles O’gust Koutou

Latest news on this film

Modibo’s woolly hat: West-African release date

Feature film MODIBO’S WOOLLY HAT by Boubakar Diallo will be released on the 13th of March in all CanalOlympia theatres (Senegal, Cameroon, Niger, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Togo, Benin, Gabon, Congo and Madagascar).


Modibo’s Hat official release date

MODIBO’S HAT, a comedy directed by Boubakar Diallo, will be released throughout in West Africa countries on 13th of March 2020.


Modibo’s Hat acclaimed at FESPACO

First bursts of laughter for MODIBO’S HAT ! The comedy directed by Boubakar Diallo has been well received by its audience during the movie premiere at FESPACO.


Modibo’s Hat to be premiered at FESPACO

MODIBO’S HAT – a comedy directed by Boubakar Diallo – will premiere at the 26th African Film Festival FESPACO on the 23rd of February.