The Brighter Way

Directed by Eric Le Roch

Written by Eric Le Roch

Produced by Philippe Braunstein

Fiction / Comédie / 96 min.


Jean vents his spleen from dawn to dusk on every living creature, human or animal. His horrible behaviour finally gets him fired. He decides to go visit his uncle in a retirement home in La Baule, a beach resort. He runs into Antoine, a gentle generous guy who is also heading back to La Baule, where he lives. At first, Jean finds Antoine’s mysticism and goodness infuriating, but he is also attracted by his simple honesty and eventually offers him a ride in his car.



35 mm Couleurs 1.85


Jean : Daniel Prévost

Antoine : Serge Hazanavicius

Virginie : Hélène Vincent

Mado : Lisa Martino

Angèle : Claudine Baschet

M. Parté : Christian Sinniger

Oncle Victor : André Badin


Image : Wilfrid Sempé

Editing : Marie-Hélène Mora

Production design : Farru

Sound : Alain Contrault, Christian Fontaine

Music : Franco Perry

Costumes : Barbara Kraft

Assistant director : Jean-Michel Fouque

Production manager : Vincent Bordes


Angers - Festival Premiers Plans d'Angers, France (1999)

Balchik - International short film festival, Bulgarie (2004)


Grand Prix du Meilleur Scénario - Angers - Festival Premiers Plans d'Angers, France (1999)


France 4

TPS Cinéma

ARTV - Canada


Paris Première

Orange Cinéma Séries

Ciné +


TPS Cinéma Centre National de la Cinématographie Procirep

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