Directed by Martin Le Gall

Written by Martin Le Gall, Christophe Lemoine

Produced by Axel Guyot

Comédie dramatique / Fresque familiale / 120 min.


In a desert hotel perched on the edge of a cliff, perched on the edge of the world, Leroux, a solitary old meteorologist watches and waits. He watches the sky and waits for the zany summer blizzards that have made the place a legend and a curse. But one thing that Leroux did not predict was the arrival a mysterious, poker-faced colossus named Martin, and his two freckle-faced imps. The trio has come to stay, and Leroux's days soon become full of charm and wonder as the unlikely gang slowly becomes a family. A family based on timid tenderness, stubborn care, and a fabric of fibs and mysteries. Until an unexpected storm breaks out…