Three Time Waltz

Directed by Caroline Pascal

Written by Thomas Mansuy, Caroline Pascal

Produced by Audrey David

Fiction / Amour / 12 min.


A man and a woman slow dance.
They fall in love, fight each other then get together...
Ten years, three times, one love…


HD Couleurs 1.85


vinz : Amaury de Crayencour

charlotte : Julie Jacovella

céline : Annie Milon

marco : Bertrand Nadler

samuel : Clément Aubert


Image : Fabrice Moindrot

Editing : Philippe Raimond

Production design : Sandra Michaut Alchourroun

Sound : Leslie Kervella, Arnaud Rolland

Music : Yoann Bernagoult, Davy Bernagoult

Assistant director : Aurélien Moulet


, France (2019)

Mostra de cinema de taranto, Italie (2018)

New York - Downtown urban arts, France (2018)

Clermont-Ferrand, France (2018)

Pune - Buddha Film Festival, Inde (2018)


Orange Cinéma Séries

Latest news on this film

Three Time Waltz on the big screen

THREE TIME WALTZ (Caroline Pascal) was featured during a monthly screening in Paris dedicated to short movies “Size doesn’t matter”.


Short films in festivals

TIJUANA TALES has been selected for Pantin's festival Côté Court. It will be screened in early June. 
9.58 has been selected for the UniFrance award for Best Short Film 2018.
THREE TIME WALTZ will be screened in Italy during Taranto Film Festival in late May.


Two shortfilms at Clermont-Ferrand

The shortfilms 9.58 and THE THREE TIME WALTZ will be screened at Clermont-Ferrand short film festival. THE THREE TIME WALTZ will be presented during the SACEM screening while 9.58 will be included in the ADAMI programm. 


End of post-production for The Three-Time Waltz

It's the end of post-production for the film Three Time Waltz, directed by Caroline Pascal, next info the premiere date!