Last of Mankind

Directed by Maxime Potherat

Written by Maxime Potherat, Jean Vocat

Produced by Philippe Braunstein

Comédie / Fin du monde / 24 min.


2027, one year after the apocalypse.
Mankind’s six last survivors, three women and three men, try awkwardly to resettle some kind of civilization and to people back the planet. But in order to survive, they first have to put up with each other !



HD Couleurs 1.85


Image : Juan Siquot

Editing : Nicolas Lossec

Production design : Paul Chapelle

Sound : Samuel Aichoun, Christophe Penchenat

Music : Charli Circus

Production manager : Audrey David


Saint-Etienne - Tournez court, France (2014)

Hyères Les Palmiers, France (2014)

Festival des 24 courts, France (2014)

Les Rencontres du court métrage, France (2014)

Mamers en Mars, France (2014)

Dompierre-Sur-Besbre, France (2014)

Festival International du Film d'Aubagne - Alcimé, France (2014)

Honfleur, France (2014)

Un pays Un film, France (2014)


Prix Coup de Coeur - Hyères Les Palmiers, France (2014)

Prix du public - Les Rencontres du court métrage, France (2014)

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