Groove your life

Directed by Vincent Burgevin, Franck Lebon

Written by Jérôme Bruno, Vincent Burgevin, Franck Lebon

Produced by Philippe Braunstein

Fiction / Film musical / 7 min.


Feeling dark and lonely ? Like noone's ever gonna care for you ? Like your life isn't worth living ?
Now is the time to call us ! Dial 1 800 GROOVE and forget about your worries and your everyday burdens !
We can make you happy as soon as you make the call !
Just remember : you got it in you.



HD Couleurs 1.85


Patrice : Jean-Michel Gratecap

Martine : Julie Ferrier

Manon : Anne-Sophie Germanaz

le percussionniste : Patrick de Valette

le guitariste : Ricardo Lo Giudice

le pianiste : Matthieu Pillard

le trompettiste : Frédéric Blin

Une musicienne : Prunella Rivière

Une musicienne : Judith Rémy

Une musicienne : Elise Roche

Une musicienne : Delphine Simon


Image : Marc Romani

Editing : Nathan Delannoy

Production design : Erwan Le Floch

Sound : Jérôme Faurel, Thierry Lebon

Music : Franck Lebon

Costumes : Laure Villemer

Production manager : Audrey David


Grenoble - Plein air, France (2011)

Tubingen & Stuttgart, Allemagne (2011)

Gonfreville l'Orcher, France (2013)

Ebensee, Autriche (2012)

Vélizy Villacoublay, France (2012)

Bordeaux - Européen, France (2013)

Aubagne, France (2012)

Paris Courts Devant, France (2011)

Valencia - Cinéma Jove, Espagne (2012)

Contis, France (2011)

Avignon - Fenêtre sur courts, France (2012)

Sacramento, Etats-Unis (2012)

Mougon, France (2014)

Calgary, Canada (2012)

Saint-Etienne - Tournez court, France (2013)

Bra, Italie (2011)

Corse - Des courts en fête, France (2012)

Rouen, France (2012)

Bienne, Suisse (2012)

Saint-Géniès-Bellevue, France (2012)

Montpellier - Rencontres du court, France (2011)

Palm Spring, Etats-Unis (2012)

Los Angeles - COL-COA, Etats-Unis (2011)

Reggio, Italie (2011)


Ours d'argent - Ebensee, Autriche (2012)

Prix meilleure musique - Avignon - Fenêtre sur courts, France (2012)

Mention spéciale du jury - Los Angeles - COL-COA, Etats-Unis (2011)

Audience jury Award - Reggio, Italie (2011)

Latest news on this film


GROOVE YOUR LIFE is soon to be broadcasted on CANAL +

Watch Canal Cinéma on

dec. 3st1 at 23:01       jan. 12th at 17:23       jan. 17th at 22:12       jan. 28th at 17:18


Contis and Court Devant are Groovy

GROOVE YOUR LIFE : production is now over and the film will soon be competing for best short both in Contis and Paris - Courts Devant (october).


All is Groovy

Coming up next may, shooting of GROOVE YOUR LIFE, a new short by Vincent Burgevin and Franck Lebon. Be in Paris on may 9th and 10th and you might catch a glimpse of the Chiche Capon, the SeaGirls, and the beautiful Julie Ferrier.